Learning French

Dutch people who are considering going to France to stay with the French can also contact the Alliance française in the Netherlands, who provides courses throughout the country. Information on www.alliance-française.nl. Training is also given at the Maison Descartes institute. E-mail: cursus@maisondescartes.nl. Or at www.talenvoortalent who gives a course especially for Dutch people with a house project. Other addresses: www.reginacoeli.nl (the ‘nuns’ of Vught), trebillod@altha-lingua.nl enw ww.elseviertalen.nl

On the Internet you can find a nice French course for beginners and advanced students. One learns gradually to speak and some grammar. The ‘lessons’ are given with spoken texts. The site is called Bonjour de France. There is much more to be found for internet users in the field of French learning. A Dutch university has collected all those sites. One can choose from sites that deal with grammar, idiom, reading and listening, correspondence, phoning, dictionaries. There is even a chat group. It is also useful to read the French newspapers. On the internet they can all be found via the site www.start4all.com.
There is also a site where a few thousand French words can be translated into Dutch. Perhaps useful if you are translating a French letter that does not come true: dictionaries.travlang.com/DutchFrench. Or of course the other way around.

Two Dutch teachers, Monique and Danny Alberts, help Dutch people abroad to give Dutch lessons to their children. They do this in addition to their work in primary education. They ask for a small fee for this help and the teaching materials. With simple and inexpensive teaching materials, they help Dutch parents to teach their children Dutch so that they can talk to family in the Netherlands, read Dutch books, or perhaps return to the Netherlands to take a course. The service, called Cow letters, is done entirely by e-mail. More information at www.koeienletters.com.